March 23, 2022

Listening to Remember: A Virtual Listening Practice, Led by Katherine McLeod and Michael O'Driscoll, 23 March 2022


Katherine McLeod, Michael O'Driscoll


Jason Camlot

Series Organizer

Jason Camlot




Montréal, Québec


This virtual session is a SpokenWeb Listening Practice based on the ShortCuts episode, “Listening Communities: The Introductions of Douglas Barbour,” guest-produced by Michael O’Driscoll. Participants listened to the audio together, along with selected audio clips that helped them think through what it means to listen as an act of remembering. Throughout this season of ShortCuts (The SpokenWeb Podcast), producer Katherine McLeod has been asking: How does the archive remember? This Listening Practice was an opportunity to consider this question through the audio selected by Michael O’Driscoll from the extensive audio recordings of Douglas Barbour in SpokenWeb’s collections. With a nod to The Bard’s of March reading held in March 1986, this Listening Practice celebrated the multi-faceted sounds of Barbour’s poetry, and was an opportunity to reflect upon what community and care sound like in the archives. This session featured quiet — and noisy — listening, and lively conversations about memory and archives. Listening Practice Guides: Katherine McLeod (Concordia) and Michael O’Driscoll (U of Alberta)

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