May 22, 2021

International debut of “Small Stones”: a work in poetry, sound, music and typography


Sarah Auches, Jason Camlot, Kaie Kellough, Jason Sharp, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Klara du Plessis




Montréal, Québec


Hosted by Jason Camlot and Klara du Plessis. Specially commissioned for the Listening, Sound, Agency Symposium, Griffin-award-winning poet Kaie Kellough, designer and artistic director of LOKI studios, Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, and Constellation recording artist and saxophonist, Jason Sharp, collaborate on an interdisciplinary work. Titled Small Stones, the work is a collage of references from the writing of Caribbean and Latin-American authors. Drawing on the history and settling in the Americas, Small Stones blends vocal performance with dynamic musical improvisation. As language becomes visual and sonic, it fragments and reassembles. This trio has collaborated on several performance installations, notably UBGNLSWRE for the Aga Khan Museum (Toronto, 2020), and FYEAR for the Jazz Ahead Festival (Bremen, 2021). These artists take on the challenge of the online stage and merge their various disciplines into a generative interplay of experimental poetry, sound, music, and typography. Participants joined to experience the premiere of this new piece, followed by a virtual conversation with the performers.

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